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Learn Graphs and Social Network Analytics Using Python
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What you'll learn
Create graphs using NetworkX package
Create nodes of a graph
Create edges of a graph
Determine the attributes of a node and edges
Analyze social networks likeand Twitter
Students will learn more about properties of a graph
Learn about Clustering coefficient , Betweenness centrality, degree centrality etc
Learn about Connected graphs, Bipartite graphs, etc
Learn about the types of graphs used for social network analysis

Course goals :

-At the end of the course students should be able to learn some basics of graph theory

- Students should be able to analyzesocial networks

- Students should take the simple quizzes

- Students should know what is directed and undirected graphs

- Students should be able to visualize graphs using different graph plots

- You can use this course to analyze the world as a network

- Everything in this world is now connected

- Extract useful information from graphs

Life time access to the course. What are you waiting for? Learn practical graph and social network analytics today that would improve your career and increase your knowledge.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who have never programmed in python before
Students who are Graph Enthusiast
Intermediate python programmers who want to level up their skills
Students who want to analyze social networks likeand Twitter
Mathematics students who wants to apply their knowledge in Graph Theory

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